Sometimes the answer to your problems is not always in receiving a solution but removing the problem.

by - Monday, August 07, 2017

There are people that can’t tolerate you being happy especially if your pursuit of happiness is not in line with theirs. 

I believe the most selfish thing a person can do is want someone else to rather be miserable if their happiness is not in line with theirs. 

Do not make it difficult for a person that wants to leave you to go, throw them a farewell party. Sometimes we are not chosen for them but who are we to keep them from their destination when we were only part of the journey?

If you are a "baby mama" as they would classify them, let go of your anger and if the father of your child loves his child that is enough don’t be miserable because he chose not to be with you it was not in line with his pursuit for happiness. 

You did not plan to be a single parent but remember sometimes the answer to your problems is not always in receiving a solution but removing the problem.

Until you let go of that you will never truly be happy with anyone else. 
You can’t play God with someone else’s life you cannot trap or force them into being a part of your life or your journey of happiness. 

Let go of the bitterness do not imprison people with your version of happiness. 
Do you ever feel like your pursuit of happiness freaks people out?
Do people warn you to calm down, to be reasonable, to not get too excited? Do you catch whispers about how unfair it is that you’re not miserable?

I hope you know that it’s not about you.

Maybe it’s fear, or maybe it’s insecurity, or maybe it’s a general distrust of change. Whatever is triggered in someone else is up to them to sort out. You aren’t responsible for how your pursuit of happiness makes other people feel.

This is for those of you that feel your happiness is imprisoned by others...
Your happiness is harmless.

You’re not doing anything wrong by trying to build a happy life for yourself, and you have every right to define what that means on your own terms. In fact, I believe you have a responsibility to yourself and the world at large to respond if you feel the call to pursue happiness. I feel that ignoring your purpose to make someone else feel comfortable would cause you and them more harm than good eventually.

Do not ever doubt that you are worthy of happiness.
Do not abandon your pursuit because someone else is uncomfortable.
Keep listening to your heart. It will tell you that you deserve a happy life. 

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