Born in the heart of Johannesburg an only child to my mother and one of five children to my father.

A mother of two of which one is in transit. (05 Feb 2020)
My journey has been bitter sweet I have been through everything set out to destroy me and have become a rare flower that has grown through concrete. My blog was inspired by a lot of things but most importantly my journey to raising Mohau “My baby on board”.

I will be sharing with you my weekly journey to 40 weeks as well as a bit from my past and all the ingredients that have made me. I will be talking about relationships, co-parenting, motherhood, prenatal depression and giving you a bit of insight on my lifestyle, product reviews and how I defeated the odds in the hope that it will inspire you too.

Join me on my journey lets be interactive and enjoy the journey, I am happy to hear your stories too.

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With Love
“A flower growing through concrete’

Kutloano Mohasoa